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  • v. Present participle of use.

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  • n. an act that exploits or victimizes someone (treats them unfairly)


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  • In February 2006 at the TED conference (an exclusive gathering of physicists, artists, futurists, comedians and Al Gore), Han gave a talk using a 36in x 27in touchscreen that wowed people by doing what iPhone users now take for granted: moving things around ­using his hands and fingers (you can find this on YouTube).

    The Guardian World News

  • Among the prevalent habits of students by which the eyes are injured, the same writer mentions the irritation produced by rubbing them on awaking in the morning, a practice which has in some cases occasioned permanent and incurable disease; reading while the body is in a recumbent position; using the eyes too early after the system has been affected with serious disease; exercising them too much in the examination of minute objects; the popular plan of _using green spectacles_, and _the use of tobacco_.

    Popular Education For the use of Parents and Teachers, and for Young Persons of Both Sexes

  • Eco-friendly, earth friendly, and green all usually mean organic, free of insecticides and pesticides, and many times the label using that term supports charities and small local businesses in third-world countries.

    Chloe Spencer: Saving The Planet In Style

  • The Government loves interfering with all my hobbies, which are roughly described by the phrase "using endangered animals to hunt other endangered animals while leaving my faucet running."

    Lightbulbs, toilets, and Rand Paul's potty mouth

  • "I said, 'Don't even bother publishing it if I'm not in it,' " Mr. Glimcher said, adding that he had already looked up his name using the electronic search tool.

    The Confessions of a 'Mad Man'

  • If you read, it was Jesse Jackson and the NAACP "The title using the 'N' word is morally offensive and socially distasteful," Jackson said in a statement.

    Dart Adams presents Black Zombies: The Controversy Surrounding Nas' "Nigger" Album

  • He coined the word using the Greek words ‘oxys’ meaning acid and ‘genes’ meaning ‘producer’ as he thought that oxygen was a part of all acids.

    What is a Dissolved Oxygen Meter

  • They've spread the word using radio, satellite TV, daily website updates, billboards, subway ads, RV caravans hitting dozens of cities and missionaries scattered from Latin America to Asia.

    Breaking News: CBS News

  • Well, I don't know about you, but I'd always been told to never define a word using that same word. News

  • In Eden Prairie, the local Republican Party backed the winning foursome -- who did not run as a slate but were identified by supporters as the "BEEP" ticket, an acronym using the first letters of their last names. rss feed


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