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  • n. A human monoclonal antibody directed against interleukin 12 and interleukin 23, in clinical trials for multiple sclerosis, psoriasis, and psoriatic arthritis.


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  • An FDA panel just voted to recommend approval of a new psoriasis drug called ustekinumab, which targets the immune system to reduce inflammation.

    Simple Skin Beauty

  • In a late-stage study, the J&J drug, known by the chemical name ustekinumab, reduced the scope of psoriasis patches by at least three-quarters in 74 percent of patients who got a RSS Feed - Politics & Policy

  • Johnson & Johnson's ustekinumab anti-inflammatory drug in the U.S.

    U.S. Drug Market Faces Down Year

  • Johnson & Johnson said its experimental drug ustekinumab was more effective at treating the skin disease psoriasis than Amgen Inc. 's blockbuster drug Enbrel in a J&J-funded patient study.

    J&J Touts Psoriasis-Drug Data

  • The FDA is expected to decide on ustekinumab by December, having extended its review in August to allow more time to examine amendments to J&J's application.

    J&J Touts Psoriasis-Drug Data

  • The latest data for ustekinumab were presented Thursday at a dermatologists 'meeting in Paris.

    J&J Touts Psoriasis-Drug Data

  • J&J, of New Brunswick, N.J., already has applied for Food and Drug Administration approval to market ustekinumab, supported by previous studies in which the drug was shown to be superior to a placebo in treating psoriasis.

    J&J Touts Psoriasis-Drug Data

  • J&J said 68% of those taking the lower dose of ustekinumab and 74% taking the higher dose achieved at least a 75% reduction in disease, versus 57% of Enbrel users reaching that mark.

    J&J Touts Psoriasis-Drug Data

  • In the 903-patient trial, participants with moderate to severe psoriasis received one of two dose levels of ustekinumab, or Enbrel.

    J&J Touts Psoriasis-Drug Data

  • "We've never really seen clearance [of psoriasis] along the lines of what we've seen with ustekinumab," said Alan Menter,

    J&J Touts Psoriasis-Drug Data


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