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  • n. The quality or state of being usual.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. The state of being usual; commonness; frequency; customariness.

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  • n. commonness by virtue of not being unusual


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usual +‎ -ness


  • But, because these articles are a simple record of what I have seen and what I have heard, they may perhaps be of use in bringing out of the shadow -- that awful shadow of "usualness" into which they have fallen -- many incidents that would, before the war, have roused the world to wonder, to pity and to infinite awe.

    Great Britain at War

  • The audience is primed first to think of the usualness of this sort of filmic violence, in other words, so that the subversion of the woman-in-refrigerator trope has more salience.

    Dollhouse, Rape Culture, and Women in Refrigerators « Gerry Canavan

  • After all, even if we grant them full discretion to judge the "cruelty" of a punishment, its "usualness" necessarily requires a survey of precedent and state law.

    The Connecticut Supreme Court finds a right to same-sex marriage.

  • And presently, the mighty lifts did raise them all to the Cities of the Pyramid; and thereafter there was something more of usualness; save that ever the embrasures were full of those that watched the Youths afar upon the Great Road.

    The Night Land

  • And will his formulation of messages basically reject the politics of the usualness?

    CNN Transcript Jan 16, 2007

  • “We have known of the Delphic Oracle so long from school texts that we coat it over with a shrugging usualness that we should not …” 322.

    The Muse in the Machine

  • The train came to an uncertain stop, and the sun and the poles and the trees faded, and his universe rocked itself slowly back to its old usualness, with Anthony Patch in the centre.

    The Beautiful and Damned

  • Those within hearing distance merely shrugged their shoulders and smiled tolerantly at the disturbance as an affair of accustomed usualness.

    The Tears of Ah Kim

  • The outward usualness of things continued after dinner.

    The Turmoil

  • Altogether, the usualness of things was rather startling to Bibbs.

    The Turmoil


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