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  • n. Plural form of usurer.


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  • With all the coins the usurers have, the Ranuans can afford a large standing army, not just levies.

    The Soprano Sorceress

  • Subsequently, however, as, stretched at full length on his sofa, he was smoking his first pipe of tobacco, he grew suspicious, and speedily felt convinced that the countess's tale of the usurers was a fable from beginning to end and that Vámhidy was some broker or other who lent money privately; and he began to be not quite so proud at having ousted the fellow from her ladyship's drawing room.

    The Poor Plutocrats

  • Her face displays contempt for money and other earthly things, which she seems to abhor, while the usurers are the very picture of human avarice and greed.

    The Lives of the Painters, Sculptors & Architects, Volume 1 (of 8)

  • Exploited Christians, both peasants and aristocracy, found themselves being bled dry by usurers, which is why there were sporadic uprisings, imprisonments and expulsions of Jews throughout Europe.

    Boston IMC

  • In 1881, for example, at the time of the Nihilist agitation in Russia, a great and brutal anti-Semitic rising occurred, and there were leaders of the revolutionist movement who looked upon this as a blessing, because those who beat and robbed and murdered the Jewish 'usurers' were mostly Russian peasants, and their concerted action meant that they were achieving class-consciousness.

    Class-Consciousness and the 'Movies'

  • He set himself to provide the means of escape from the degrading indebtedness to storekeepers and usurers which is the almost invariable lot of poor peasantries.

    The Rural Life Problem of the United States Notes of an Irish Observer

  • He still trusted to convince Mr. Durance, by means of argument and happy instances, historical and immediate, that the English may justly consider themselves the elect of nations, for reasons better than their accumulation of the piles of gold-better than 'usurers' reasons, 'as Mr. Durance called them.

    One of Our Conquerors — Volume 2

  • The princess Lucre was next, with her silly, mean figure, bringing along with her very many of the money loving race -- such as usurers, lawyers, extortioners, overseers, game-keepers, harlots, and some ecclesiastics also.

    The Sleeping Bard or, Visions of the World, Death, and Hell

  • Servant girls returned bracelets which they had stolen from their mistresses, and usurers harangued their wives angrily, in defense of usury.

    A Novel That Parses the Inexplicable

  • Common national criminals, usurers, profiteers and so forth are to be punished with death, without consideration of confession or race.

    Think Progress » Miss Beverly Hills tries to one-up Carrie Prejean, says it’s divine law that gays be put to death.


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