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  • adj. usurious

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  • Same as usurious.


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  • In fact, absolutely no regulation at all has been included addressing the terms of some of those loans in their "usurous" terms and interest rates, and of course the huge junk fees that were charged in order to even get some of those loans to begin with.

    New Home Buyers: Beware LIBOR Mortgage Loans

  • The arrogance is that of the greedy, money-grubbing Wall Street financiers who are fighting tooth and nail against regulation because they want to be able to continue sucking gullible people into usurous lending situations.

    Wall Street fights Obama's proposed financial agency

  • ScotiaBank is a Canadian company, in this case doing business with a Canadian, so why did the usurous (IMO) fee get whacked along with the U.S. exchange for the actual purchase?

    The Great 2009 Bank Die Off

  • Instead, what he did the other night was embrace a hodge podge of half-baked congressional proposals, all of which have ONE purpose and singular directive ... to NOT curtail in any way the usurous profit margins of the existing health care industry.

    Obama's New "Improved" Leech Therapy

  • They got a pat on the back for destroying the economy, and now they will continue to enslave the rest of us with sleazy, usurous debt.

    OpEdNews - Diary: Unemployment Skyrocketing: Wall Street Rejoices

  • In fact this claimed "rescue" it is nothing more than a means to facilitate more profit for the banks and flip those properties while continuing to collect those fees and added usurous costs in those "contracts" before eventual foreclosure, with the future plan quite apparent being setting up the "new legalized" Americans as the next patsies in what appears to be at this point agovernmentally facilitated Ponzie scheme.

    State Politicos Capitalizing On Mortgage Crisis For Career Development

  • If not, then why not simply pass a law "regulating" the banking industry and make passing off and charging for simple keystrokes with computer banking at legislated levels illegal and "usurous" since the bank is also double collecting with the charging of interest on those credit card transactions, and also now fees in order to simply use their plastic?

    U.S.A., Inc.: States Now Levying Service Charges For Traffic Offenses

  • Now, the junk fees and costs that these banks are charging are not simply usurous, they are outrageous.

    U.S.A., Inc.: States Now Levying Service Charges For Traffic Offenses

  • Most likely to the "new" Americans they intent to again force through and legalize who don't speak English and won't understand those 50 page usurous loan documents just as those that spoke fluent English could not due to the legalese and industry protections and profits which were hidden in the fine print andreally the fundamental basis of those loans.

    ObamaCare: Deceptive Details Left Out In Public Forums and Speeches

  • But in just the same way, any provision that would have ensured a real reduction in outrageously usurous credit card interests and charges (like a reasonable cap on interest rates) was rejected.

    The Shinola On Health Care Stops Here, But ONLY If YOU Speak Out Now


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