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  • n. Plural form of utopist.


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  • What makes the situation dangerously unstable are fools and delusional utopists at the helm.

    Obama’s new policy on nukes: I guess he wants to earn that Nobel ex post facto

  • Sometimes I think that all this utopists and dreamers, who had not in touch with reality should be collect and send to the wilds of Africa.

    Could There Be a One-State Solution? - The Lede Blog -

  • One might surmise that maritime activity, reli - gious belief, the freedom of the press, and a lively political environment which allowed widespread involvement in political action as well as economic dynamism had something to do with both the geo - graphic distribution of utopists and the rate of utopian publications.


  • H.G. Wells and Burrhus Frederic Skinner have been the most interesting and creative of the utopists of this century.


  • There have always been anti-utopians — realists, cautious reformers, doubters of man's ability to achieve rationality, questioners of the possibility of an harmonious natural social order, and most importantly scoffers who have maintained that the achievement of utopists 'dreams would be living nightmares.


  • Since the seventeenth century utopian writ - ings have been a constant expression of social idealism, hope, and optimism even though some utopists have stressed the illusory nature of their visions and have


  • Nevertheless, at their best, utopists have shared in most of the great intellectual debates and their works have often been not only stimulants to change but prophetic of the future.


  • Sparta, so well disciplined, pure and successful, inspired the admiration not only of Plato but of many other writers, one of whom left an account of its legis - lator which became a source for later utopists.


  • The image of Sparta and the possible changes which an enlightened legislator could make offered utopists a fascinating vision of rational social control and a means of realizing it if only the proper leader could be found.


  • Page 460, Volume 4 utopian and in this respect as in many others it served as model and source for later utopists.



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