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  • n. Plural form of utricle.


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  • In this instance the base of the female inflorescence bore lateral spikes, which projected from the utricles; some of these adventitious spikes were female, others female below and male above, others, again, wholly male.

    Vegetable Teratology An Account of the Principal Deviations from the Usual Construction of Plants

  • (Utricularia), a plant with pretty yellow flowers, growing in pools and slow streams, is so called because it bears a great number of bladders or utricles, each of which is a real miniature eel-trap, having an orifice guarded by a flap opening inwards which allows small water animals to enter, but prevents them from coming out again.

    The Beauties of Nature and the Wonders of the World We Live In

  • After 23 hrs. all the glands were brown, their primordial utricles greatly shrunk, and in many cases ruptured.

    Insectivorous Plants

  • The glands are variously affected by absorption; they often become of a brown colour; sometimes they contain very fine granules, or moderately sized grains, or irregularly aggregated little masses; sometimes the nuclei appear to have increased in size; the primordial utricles are generally more or less shrunk and sometimes ruptured.

    Insectivorous Plants

  • One was examined after 15 m., and the glands seemed affected; after 1 hr. 10 m. there was a greater change, and the primordial utricles in most of them were somewhat shrunk, and included many granules.

    Insectivorous Plants

  • Three bisected bladders were also irrigated with a fresh infusion of raw meat; and to my surprise the quadrifids in one of them appeared, after 23 hrs., finely granular, with their primordial utricles somewhat shrunk and marked with thickened yellowish specks; so that they had been acted on in the same manner as by the putrid infusion or by the salts of ammonia.

    Insectivorous Plants

  • The spherical glands were still white, but their utricles were broken up into three or four small hyaline spheres, with an irregularly contracted mass in the middle of the basal part.

    Insectivorous Plants

  • The utricles contained much dbris or dirty matter, which seemed organic, though no distinct organisms [page 450] could be recognised.

    Insectivorous Plants

  • After 8 hrs. almost all the oblong glands were brown and much more opaque than they were before; their primordial utricles were somewhat shrunk and contained a little aggregated granular matter.

    Insectivorous Plants

  • The summit of a bladder was examined, and all the glands found colourless, with their primordial utricles not at all shrunk; yet many of the oblong glands contained granules just resolvable with No. 8 of

    Insectivorous Plants


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