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  • Score hotoke bashi: The gaijin etiquette book favourite, standing your chopsticks up in a bowl of rice sashi bashi: Pointing at people or things with chopsticks tataki bashi: Making a noise by striking dishes with chopsticks yose bashi: Pulling dishes closer with chopsticks neburi bashi: Licking your chopsticks awase bashi: Passing food from chopstick to chopstick - another foreigner etiquette book favourite kami bashi: Chewing chopsticks namida bashi: Allowing tears of soup to drip from your chopsticks tsuki bashi, sashi bashi: Spearing food then eating it seseri bashi: Poking or playing with your food using chopsticks mayoi bashi: Hovering chopsticks over the dishes while humming and hawing about what to eat utsuri bashi, watari bashi: Aiming to pick up one dish, but then suddenly switching to another kara bashi: Picking up food but not eating it chigai bashi: Using a mis-matched pair of chopsticks arai bashi: Washing chopsticks in soup hane bashi: Pushing away disliked food with chopsticks soroe bashi: Suddenly lunging at dishes with chopsticks ready kaki bashi: Holding a bowl to your mouth and shovelling food in mochi bashi: Grabbing a dish, glass, etc whilst holding chopsticks in the same hand komi bashi: Stuffing too much food into your mouth

    Bad table manners Japanese just can’t break


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