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  • Besides, demographically speaking, nobody wants to advertise on a show that stars a vacant-eyed bald vegetable sitting in a hot tub.

    Three Battlestar Galactica spinoffs better than ‘Caprica’

  • Across the street stand the vacant-eyed sleepless, who watch everything blankly and sell drugs to people in cars all night and all day.

    The Future and Why We are Afraid

  • When we think about employee indifference, we tend to think of a vacant-eyed, gum-chewing wage slave filing his nails or yakking on a cellphone while a hapless customer desperately tries to get his attention.

    How To Get Your Employees To Treat Customers Better

  • The picture she was looking at was a grainy shot of some vacant-eyed teenagers hanging out in front of the local mall.

    The Book of Punishments

  • In the end, the blonde one dies (she's a bit of a ditz, and the ditz always gets it), the yellow-dress escapes (she looks too sensible to do anything but escape), and the one in the black dress, vacant-eyed, stays with the creepy old dude in the creepy old house (despite the tearful protests of Yellow Dress).

    August 2010

  • They found the smiling, vacant-eyed Venusian at the base of the white cliff.

    "The Morons" by Harl Vincent, part 4

  • Behind its thick plate-glass windows vacant-eyed mannequins show off the latest fashions.

    Smile for the Camera

  • My brother was living, vacant-eyed, occasionally drooling proof that everything they were could be taken away.

    Best Friends Forever

  • Snuffles: No, no! Better than that is how the vacant-eyed reporter defeats the bad guys at the movie's end by getting tied to a stake and standing there all vacant-eyed while the magic amulet he's wearing does magic for him!

    Archive 2007-09-01

  • The tone and substance of this dreck reminds me of the testimony of the vacant-eyed teenagers at the trials that followed the beating and drowning death of Reena Virk.

    The banality of evil


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