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  • adv. In a vacuous manner, lacking thought.

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  • adv. in a vacuous manner


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

vacuous +‎ -ly


  • Despite that he knew what he was to see, when he did turn his head and beheld his wife and Sonny, the pair he had seen thieving in the dark, he went suddenly dizzy, and paused, supporting himself with a hand against a pillar, and smiling vacuously at the grouped singing boys who were pulsing the sensuous night into richer sensuousness with their honi kaua wiki-wiki refrain.


  • She said that was one of her favorite movies while they stared vacuously into the computer screen.

    Pretentious College Dropout Suffers Heartbreak, Nobody Cares (Full Story >>)

  • You mean you can dispose of God that easily and vacuously?

    Vincent Bugliosi: Why Do I Doubt Both The Atheists And The Theists?

  • Hilditch, meanwhile, doesn't help himself with vacuously positive public pronouncements that often seem to fly in the place of the very plain evidence of decline on the pitch.

    Is It Time to Clear Out Australia's Cricket Selectors?

  • It is vacuously true that we cannot know exactly how many have died.

    Robert Naiman: How Many Iraqis Did We 'Liberate' From Life on Earth?

  • Rose, sitting nearby, smiles vacuously and asks, "What's an obscuranist?"

    Best Left Unsaid: intro and ch.01

  • Vince (played vacuously as ever by Adrian Grenier) is pressured by an action-film director (Nick Cassavetes, as himself, of course) to perform a dangerous driving stunt on camera.

    Previews of HBO's 'Entourage' and 'Hung'

  • I did, however, often dream of the lovely Professor Stix, rather than focus on whatever vacuously pretty rich girl was in my arms at the time.


  • And lest I offend anyone, I should mention that my first few years were spent blithely and vacuously learning American tai chi, even - to my eternal shame - helping teach it.

    New Under the Sun

  • The vast majority of Hollywood movies are every bit as formulaic, predictable, and vacuously "well-made" as most of the films to come out of the "machine" in operation during the so-called "golden era" that also produced a director like Wise.



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