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  • adj. Packed in an airtight container.
  • adj. Sealed under low pressure or a partial vacuum.

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  • adj. Packed in an airtight container in a partial vacuum.


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  • The record company that distributes the music of U2 and Lady Gaga was used by a drug-trafficking ring as a way station for cases stuffed with cocaine and vacuum-packed $20 bills, according to federal prosecutors.

    U.S. Says Interscope Records Used in Cocaine Ring

  • The array of baby vegetables – fennel, artichoke, turnip, radish, eggplant and carrots – have been vacuum-packed with a vegetable bouillon and cooked in a water bath at precisely 68 ˚ C (a method called "sous-vide" that ensures extra tenderness).

    'Flower Pot,' at The Krug Room

  • Because they're high in calories and fat, we also ate vacuum-packed potato chips and lots of

    Ann Bancroft - An interview with author

  • I've read that up to 80 percent of restaurants in France use some kind of industrially produced, frozen or freeze-dried products either alone (the entire dish itself) or to elaborate fresh products (such as a vacuum-packed, pre-made sauce over fresh fish).

    Jamie Schler: Eating And The Law In France: In The News

  • Anyone who has paid attention to the news here in France during the past year has seen the articles and the investigative features on television exposing the shocking practice of restaurants all over the country of buying -- and serving -- industrial ready-made, vacuum-packed or canned dishes or products bought from the large wholesale restaurant supply warehouses.

    Jamie Schler: Eating And The Law In France: In The News

  • It's perfect for sealing up meat prior to packing on ice for the flight home, especially since the vacuum-packed meat takes a little less space than wrapping or bagging.

    Gear Review: FoodSaver GameSaver Turbo

  • And I didn't produce the Japanese specialty by unwrapping a vacuum-packed fillet of fully prepared, barbecued eel -- I went to a seafood market after having dim sum with friends in Chinatown, took home a sack of fresh eel, and prepared it from that.

    Cathy Erway: Reason for Not Eating Out #49: Getting Over Your Food Fears

  • Digital thermometers dangle in pans of water for sous vide cooking, in which vacuum-packed foods are cooked at low, steady temperatures for extended periods of time.

    A molecular masala

  • Fitted 18th century-style jackets had tails that were as full as antebellum ladies' skirts, and for once Browne's models didn't look as if they'd been vacuum-packed into the tweed and plaid pants.

    PHOTOS: Fashion Show Or 'Dinner Party From Hell'?

  • Pinto beans, lima beans, all sorts of beans, vacuum-packed in garbage-can-size vats.

    Why I Fired My Broker


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