from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • To be vacant or unoccupied; become vacant.


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  • Ngavasimbe pakunamata nokuti murume uyu haabvi pachigaro kusvika vavengi vake vainda.

    Blair, Bush gone, is it now time for Mugabe to go?

  • Odervise der fightin 'voult go on until der mofement strikes here und all der granks vake up und we git a fool reformer fer Mayor und der town goes to der dogs.

    The Conquest of Canaan

  • "I ton't vont to vake up teat in der morning, ain't it!"

    The Rover Boys in Southern Waters or The Deserted Steam Yacht

  • "I vake up der middle of der night in und find a pig mouskeeter mine toe on alretty!"

    The Rover Boys in Camp or, The Rivals of Pine Island

  • Some day, someveres -- in dis case in a sleeping-car -- you vake as Smidt again.

    Double Trouble Or, Every Hero His Own Villain

  • Long time ce sleep, and ven ce vake, ce know vare ce be, and ce know vot ce say.

    Stories of Childhood

  • Zen long time my fader vake, and ven he see my moder dare, he say dot he vill be good, dot he vill not drink ze vine and ze beer any more; and he kiss my moder, and he say dot he love her, and dot he vill get ze fire, and he vill get ze bread, but he have not ze money.

    Stories of Childhood

  • All ze time I cry, and I hold my curls mit von hand and mit von hand; and ven I have cry too much, I sleep on ze floor, and I not know it; and long time, ven I vake, ze voman have come dare, and vile I sleep, ce have cut all ze curls.

    Stories of Childhood

  • Quick Jeem come dare, and he lif her up; and Fred come out ze bed, and he get ze baby; and Jeem put ze vater on my moder, and he sake her much times, and ce vake, and ce sit up in ze chair mit ze baby.

    Stories of Childhood

  • I sake her, but ce not vake; and ven I feel dot ce bees cold, I know dot ce bees dead, like ze baby, and I scream and I scream.

    Stories of Childhood


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