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  • adj. That can be validated; that stands up to validation.


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validate +‎ -able


  • It defined:chemblaics is the application of open source software in cheminformatics, chemometrics, proteochemometrics, etc, making experimental results reproducable and validatable.

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  • We have to look at the 3.5, we have to determine that certainly is still validatable by historical standards, but should we roll it up a bit for most recent events?

  • The discovery of experimentally validatable principles of nature, begs for the notion of some demonstrable ordering-principle in the configuration among those principles.

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  • The viewLinc 3.4 validatable system is not only the only system to ensure continuous, 100% gap-free records for controlled and regulated environments, this latest version now allows users to schedule automatic reports delivered by email.

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  • If not, I'll either stick with validatable or switch to ActiveModel:: Validations.

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  • informatics, chemometrics, computational chemistry, etc, is that chemblaics only uses open source software, making experimental results reproducable and validatable.

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  • Once we recognize that scientific knowledge is obtained, not by contemplating the universe, but by studying how we may generate those thoughts which enable us to efficiently act to change the universe, then the principles of cognition underlying the discovery of lawful physical principles, are the epistemological basis for defining the underlying determination of validatable physical laws.”).

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  • (or EditableValidatingViewModel if you need to do this work in ViewModel): A editable (IEditableObject), validatable (IDataErrorInfo) object.

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  • (using my fork of validatable) • Find: id, ids,: all,: fi rst,: last • Connection and database •

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