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  • v. This is not a real word. Users intend it to mean to validate, which is the correct word that should be used in its place.


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valid +‎ -ify


  • The only thing this does is for Hillary to validify her claim on the popular vote, which excludeds Maine, Iowa, Nevada and Washington caucuses of course.

    Blitzer: Could the DNC move the goalposts this weekend?

  • You have found the sources that will tell you what you want to hear, that will justify your views and validify your position in society high up in the tower, doing big things, a pillar of civilization…

    Think Progress » ‘Congress must stop an attack on Iran.’

  • ANC legal expert Mr Willie Hofmeyr were adamant that the national assembly and the senate would be asked to validify the disputed proclamations by legislation.

    ANC Daily News Briefing

  • Marriages Prohibited; Men - to exclude the wording "any other man," RSA 457: 2 Marriages Prohibited; Women - to exclude the wording "any other woman," and which would thereby simply validify / validate 457: 3 Recognition of Out-of-State Marriages ....


  • He's been kinda quiet as of late so I guess this was just an opportunity to validify the MSM's constant assertion of Biden's "big mouth".

    Think Progress

  • This statement alone is enough to validify the torment people go through when deployed, especially now ..

    Army Rumour Service

  • It is worthy of remark that the decisive step of Allen, in thus withdrawing from the Society, never changed the unfeigned love which existed between him, and that man of God, Absalom Jones, first Rector of St. Thomas, the absence of whose name from that Committee report, however honorable it really is to Allen, is most significant; for he (Jones) hesitated not in after years to validify the ordination of Allen to the Methodist Episcopacy, by the imposition of his own hands.

    An Apology for African Methodism

  • call yahoo custom care. they can be very little helpful, but unfortunately thats your only solution agains the fraud. hmmm, another potential way tho, if the hacker hasn't acquired your password challenge question that you put up when you first set up your account, you can still use the challenge question to validify your identity and default the password or change it if you like.

    Yahoo! Answers: Latest Questions


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