from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • n. One of the maidens of Odin, represented as awful and beautiful, who presided over battle and marked out those who were to be slain, and who also ministered at the feasts of heroes in Valhalla. Now commonly written Valkyrie.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. Same as valkyr.


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  • I think we all have an idea where the line between active/passive sits in our brains (hell, I felt guilty as hell looking up a video of how one person chose to beat the last boss in valkyria chronicles when i was stuck ... even though I edited his strategy after viewing it).

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  • Scandinavian valkyria ministering at the feast of heroes in the fabled

    Monte-Cristo's Daughter

  • Hur lycklig jag till Valhall ginge, om min valkyria vore du!

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  • Posted: 2009-12-04 13: 31: 55.583 the graphics may be the best ever on psp. with this, 3rd birthday, kingdom hearts: birth by sleep, ff 13 agito, valkyria chronicles 2, tales of vs., upcoming falcom classics like y's and ps1 classics, it looks like psp will stay alive and healthy at least another year.

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  • The composer is none other than Hitoshi Sakamoto. valkyria chronicles. Antenna

  • I mean wtf she's a valkyria or she isn't one not a bonus to her stat for being a valkyria! on 05/13/2009, -2/+36I think if you went through his back-archive you'd find that's not really true at all.

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  • Possibly related posts: (automatically generated) valkyria chronicles. Antenna

  • Unfortunatley, that will change later on as the valkyria are introduced but it's great while it lasts.

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