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  • n. A popular style of folk music from Colombia.
  • n. A piece performed in this style.


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From Spanish valle (valley) nato (born)


  • You have to think twice before pronouncing the Los Angeles-based vallenato Very Be Careful's name.

    Derek Beres: Global Beat Fusion: Algeria Rocks, Togo Rolls

  • He became interested in journalism and gravitated toward vallenato, the accordion-based music of Colombia's Atlantic coast with lyrics rooted in a narrative tradition.

    Archive 2009-05-01

  • El zócalo porteño y el paseo del malecón serán los escenarios de diversos conciertos con la música distintiva del Caribe y su influencia africana, desde el son y el danzón hasta el reggae, la plena, el vallenato y el calipso, con grupos de Colombia, Bolivia, México, República Dominicana, Cuba, Honduras y Jamaica.

    XIII Festival Internacional Afrocaribe�o

  • They deserve to live free in their homes with their families, to enjoy the phenomenal richness of their culture, the vallenato music, the paintings and sculptures of Botero, the fantastic writings of Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

    Remarks At Arrival Ceremony For President Pastrana

  • El canto de un rebelde para un rebelde (EMI International), dispenses with the guest stars, but he's still nonchalantly incorporating more of the offshoots and fusions of cumbia, including cumbia batacuda and vallenato reggae.

    Chicago Reader

  • Colombian vallenato, with the minimal intensity of garage rock (reportedly making fans at their live shows get rather rowdy) makes it harder to pin any genre labels on them.

    World Music Central

  • While their first few albums were comprised mainly of cover versions of songs made famous by Colombia's vallenato greats, they concentrated on originals for their last album Salad Buey and the new Escape Room.

    World Music Central

  • I am suspicious of people who are suspicious of "remixes" and "synthesizers" although I do love accordion, voice, percussion, and respect this band for zeroing in on that, channeling OG vallenato heroes like Alejo "Big Black Man" Durán, writing new songs in an old style and keeping the VST plug-ins switched off even though they're recording

    mudd up!

  • Very Be Careful are an L.A. band who play Colombian vallenato with a hardcore purist aesthetic.

    mudd up!

  • Los Caminos de la Vida - La Tropa Colombiana los caminos de la vida, la tropa colombiana, paseo vallenato compuesto por omar geles, de los diablitos de colombia. para todas la madres del mundo, con mucho carino, de parte de su servidor Uriel gonzalez. saludos a todos desde laredo texas. - Articles related to After Chinese Re-education, Monks Regret Uprising


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