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  • The U.S. planned to hold the line about 20 miles away at the valley's mouth and send troops in deeper once a month to keep the Taliban off balance.

    Afghan Base Tests U.S. Exit Plans

  • It was the valley's farmers, it was the fishermen, it was the descendants of the ancient Cherokee.

    The Politics of Protection

  • On the other hand, maybe the writer did not really intend to dump on the poor Hindu pilgrims for the valley's problems, and just got led a little too far down the Wiki-saurus garden path on what was perhaps to him just a trifling detail for which journalistic convention, let us call it that, demanded a certain kind of treatment expected of Hindu topics.

    Vamsee Juluri: Lord Shiva And The Economist: A New Low For Journalism

  • Labor economists say the valley's unemployment rate, which normally tops that of most other parts of California ahead of the big spring growing season, is likely to drop significantly in coming months because of the new planting.

    California Farms Revive

  • An analysis by the Mercury News of the combined work force of 10 of the valley's largest companies -- including Hewlett-Packard, Intel, Cisco Systems, eBay and AMD -- shows that while the collective work force of those 10 companies grew by 16 percent between 1999 and 2005, an already small population of black workers dropped by 16 percent, while the number of Hispanic workers declined by 11 percent.

    Nathan Newman: Is Silicon Valley Adding to the Jobs Depression for Blacks and Latinos?

  • In any case, attendees agreed on the need to build a central museum and several smaller structures to preserve the Buddhas' fragments as well as the valley's many artifacts.

    The Ruins of 'Monument Valley'

  • I spoke to a number of folks who work in the valley's tourism business -- working the cash register at local diners, watching the desk at hotels, tuning cross-country skis -- and their feelings reflect the hopes and anxieties I have heard in other parts of the country where the tourism economy comes freighted with real benefits and significant risks.

    McKay Jenkins: A National Park in West Virginia?

  • The valley's historic sites—including a soda spring sacred to the Maidu—remain.

    A Land Claim With Strings Attached

  • The valley's pomegranate orchards and muddy canals make for treacherous terrain that favors insurgents, not U.S. spy planes and tanks.

    From Kandahar, a different view of war

  • But the new district governor, Shah Mohammed, says he is unafraid, and U.S. officials say he is helping to unite the valley's elders.

    From Kandahar, a different view of war


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