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  • v. Third-person singular simple present indicative form of valorize.


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  • I don't like Bratz--I think they're trashy and ugly and their name valorizes, well, brattiness.

    More Dubious Reporting on Kids

  • Days without wind are days to kick back on the deck with a beer and a man-versus-nature adventure book that valorizes their journey into an essential quest for manhood.

    The Water in Between by Kevin Patterson: Book summary

  • On my reading of the passage you quote, B. valorizes the "engaged reader" who, because he reads with "directed concentration," eats with relish the inner organs of a Book.

    Turning Pages

  • IFOT speculates that the source of the problem is that our general culture still valorizes a Romantic model of artistic production that equates the text (or song, etc) with the author's own feelings and is very resistant to models of aesthetic signification that complicate or pluralize the possible meanings in a text.

    Literary Study

  • Again, he valorizes the framing of teachers as serving a nationalistic project, not the interests of the people.

    Rick Ayers: Education Wars -- The Next Generation

  • So much science fiction follows Asimov in that it valorizes the “pane of glass” no-style of writing style.

    June « 2010 « Haikasoru: Space Opera. Dark Fantasy. Hard Science.

  • If we accept that juvie inducts young people into a culture which valorizes crime, surely there are other ways they could be inducted into the same culture — and perhaps those other ways would become more prominent if juvie were not there to scoop up many obvious candidates.

    More Punishment, More Crime

  • Bad Contemporary Economics assumes and valorizes equilibrium / The other canon assumes and valorizes disequilibrium

    Ian Fletcher: How to Think Our Way Out of Our Trade Crisis

  • They do not pose so much as consent to be memorialized as who they are: Wrighton neither valorizes nor condescends.

    Gift Guide: Photography Books

  • But the euphemistic, he-brought-so-much-to-Alaska line implicitly valorizes his overattention to parochial concerns, when such behavior is, at best, morally neutral.

    How not to celebrate Ted Stevens


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