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  • adj. Relating to, having, or operating by means of valves or valvelike parts.

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  • adj. Of or pertaining to valves, such as those of the heart.
  • adj. Like a valve.

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  • adj. Of or pertaining to a valve or valves; specifically (Med.), of or pertaining to the valves of the heart.
  • adj. Containing valves; serving as a valve; opening by valves; valvate.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • Of or pertaining to a valve or valvula; also, having the character of a valve; valviform.

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  • adj. relating to or operating by means of valves


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From Late Latin valvularum.


  • Then the valves, which are made up of folds of membrane, lose their suppleness, and what is called valvular disease is permanently established.

    Grappling with the Monster The Curse and the Cure of Strong Drink

  • a kind of valvular opening into it, of such a nature that everything that passes along it having reached the blind or closed end, must return in order to escape; or rather the office of the cæcum is to permit certain alimentary matters and all fluids to pass from the ileum, but to oppose their return.

    The Dog

  • He had had men die after several days in the jacket, although, invariably, they were unlaced and carted into hospital ere they breathed their last ... and received a death certificate from the doctor of pneumonia, or Bright's disease, or valvular disease of the heart.

    Chapter 20

  • At the time we were doing only valvular surgery but I am sure they have evolved into coronary bypass surgery by now.

    Cardiac Surgery

  • Once the bacteria is in the bloodstream it can infect other organs like the valves of the heart, resulting in a disease known as vegetative valvular endocarditis.

    Dr. Karen Becker: Trendy Pet Dental Procedure May Do More Harm Than Good

  • For that matter, without a murmur or symptoms suggestive of valvular heart disease and a structurally normal heart documented once you can't call yourself a cardiac patient without having an ehco what advantage is there from repeating echocardiograms on a regular basis either?

    Cardiac Question

  • Heart valve disease types include valvular stenosis and valvular insufficiency.

    The 10 Best Questions™ for Recovering from a Heart Attack

  • No one knows how fen-phen might cause valvular disease.

    Weighty Problems

  • They seemed like quick fixes for the overweight-until this summerJuly 8 Mayo Clonic reports valvular heart disease in 24 fen-phen users.

    After Fen-Phen

  • Wish I were seeing Equus tonight, instead of reading about valvular heart disease!



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