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  • adj. Having the traits of a vampire; vampiric.
  • adj. Pertaining to vampires.


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  • Instead of doing the screeds and screeds of essays that are required of me within the next week, I am now going to spend the entire morning engrossed in your vampirical evil monkeys and/or sonnets!

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  • Sun 07/18/10 11:34 AM the biblical story of cain and able with a vampirical twist? you have GOT to be kidding me….

    Will Smith's got a new movie -- but no Broadway play |

  • And what he adds-flashes of dark humor -- are a welcome respite from the tone of lugubrious regret that fuels this tale of an overly sensitive vampire, Louis (Brad Pitt), whose vestigial humanity is at war with his ruthless vampirical nature.

    A Feast Of Rats, Blood And Wild Rice

  • Stephenie Meyer's simply too upset to finish her vampirical series:

    The UnDelight of the Midnight Sun's Plight

  • NOW, this would lead the logical mind to think that the story will culminate in a battle between Edgar and Alan since, oh I don't know, Jamison Newlander is credited as playing "Alan Frog" in the film, and he's acknowledged several times in the film as being part of the vampirical bad guys now.

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  • However according to Deadline, the movie is going to have a 'vampirical twist' just like the other movie 'I Am Legend'.

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  • President Bush (who thankfully looks much more hale and hearty than he did at the recent Inauguration, seen visibly leaning on his cane due to hip problems) told an amazed audience of his encounter with what all of us know is one of those zombified, vampirical, Golemish, pro-choice protestors.


  • In the most interesting turn of the wheel, Nick Carr weighed in with an elaboration of his argument that Google is a vampirical middleman, sucking the lifeblood from the media industry.

    Megite Technology News: What's Happening Right Now

  • Via Weird News: Boston Latin School Headmaster Lynne Moone Teta says the prestigious secondary institution is not - I repeat, not - infested with vampires. rampant rumors to the effect that several students had been arrested or suspended for alleged vampirical activities, including biting at least one other student on the neck. Urban Legends

  • The Vatican has come out against vampirical toothy teen book'n'movie series

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