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  • v. To make into a vampire


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

vampire +‎ -ize


  • Kirsten Dunst's curly-haired Claudia, the little girl the two men vampirize into their "family," and who comes to hate her eternal entrapment in an undergrown body, manages to assume an eerie agelessness.

    A Feast Of Rats, Blood And Wild Rice

  • I suck and vampirize the zeitgeist and the ethnicity and the history and the social and moral and immoral and abby-normal-oral.

    Cultural Appropriation

  • It is an energy we possess—Slack—that they vampirize in order to lock their nonmateriality into our material world.

    The Book of the SubGenius

  • They are Time Junkies who vampirize your minutes and days until you are nearly drained of Slack.

    The Book of the SubGenius

  • These people are getting paid millions SUPPOSEDLY to understand finance and economics actually, they're mostly paid to rip people off and vampirize production of concrete good and services, but that's not important to my point.

    The Guardian World News

  • THE PITCH: Vampire heartthrob Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) pops the question to mopey teen Bella Swann (Kristen Stewart), who demands he vampirize her instead.

    Creative Loafing Atlanta Feed

  • Despite his deep desire to vampirize [protagonist Bella Swan] Top Stories

  • I'm wondering if you think immigrant writers have a leg up on native speakers as writers in the way they can see anew or even vampirize the English language to serve their purposes.

    Guernica Magazine

  • But there's something about Tetsuzou that is very alluring to Satou-sensei, and the usually considerate and caring Satou-sensei feeds on Tetsuzou with the intent to kill him, not vampirize him.

    Mania News Feed

  • In the third book, Jacob the best friend/boyfriend wannabe/werewolf turns into a total asshole trying to force himself on Bella, and a vampire with a grudge from the first book is trying to kill her, but more importantly, Bella and Edward argue about whether they should have sex, get married, and/or vampirize Bella, and in what order.



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