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  • v. Simple past and past participle of to vandalize.
  • adj. Referring to something that has been struck by vandalism


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  • I am the trademark master for this Mad Style theme. the place that ive vandalized is uncountable. everyday is an official vandalism day ...

    This Is The Mad Style

  • Google the term "mosque vandalized" and you find 244,000 results.

    Dr. Faheem Younus: One American Mosque: Two Crazy Acts

  • But if to even hold a single trial they have to do it in secret to stop it from being vandalized, that is not going to help useful regulation of the practice.

    Original Signal - Transmitting Digg

  • Internal marketing from the ad agency BBDO New York, USA, for Bring your kids to work day, where everybody in the company found their monitors "vandalized" with crayons scribbles.

    Bring your kids to work day

  • So, apparently, office workers at the Republican Party headquarters in Cody, Wyoming, came in to work to find that their windows had been "vandalized": it had the word “Obama” written on the windows and Obama flyers taped to the windows.

    Gee, Y'think?

  • For weeks, bloggers and others who contribute to the Florida Progessive Coalition website wanted to know who "vandalized" a entry about Lt. Gov.

    Lt. Governor Censors Progressive Blog Site

  • The house was described as "vandalized" and a brief description was given by the policeman who broke in through the front door.

    Disordered Minds

  • Joker Poker set from DC Direct, with both regular and "vandalized" decks of cards that you may remember getting thrown around during "The Dark Knight."

  • Remember in 2001 when Bush came in they made sure to let everyone know the Clintons had "vandalized" the White House? Top Stories

  • I say "vandalized" because the pro-soddomite decided that stapling a piece of paper that says "I'm a Republican homophobe ... the 1st Amendment doesn't exist" was enough "damage."

    Latest Articles


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