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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of vandyke.


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  • The strange "vandyked" crozier-like stone objects of schist or shale from

    The Clyde Mystery a Study in Forgeries and Folklore

  • M. Cartailhac holds that all the plaques with a "vandyked" pattern in triangles, without faces, "are, none the less, _des representations stylisees de silhouette humaine_." {103c}

    The Clyde Mystery a Study in Forgeries and Folklore

  • Then I gave her a very pretty needle-book, which I made myself with an ace of spades from a new pack of cards we had, and I got Sally, our maid, to cover it with a bit of pink satin her mistress had given her; and I made the leaves of the book, which I vandyked very nicely, out of a piece of flannel I had had round my neck for a sore throat.

    The Fatal Boots

  • In place of the curtain of forests which had shut them in up to then, our friends beheld a foreground of hills, whose undulations could be easily descried, and beyond them the faint summits of veritable mountains vandyked across the distant depth of sky.

    Eight Hundred Leagues on the Amazon

  • When the jelly is cold, cut it into what are called _croûtons_, which may mean vandyked strips, to be laid across, triangles, squares, or any fancy shapes; the pieces and trimmings are chopped to scatter over the dish or lay in small piles round.

    Choice Cookery

  • Around the bosom of the periot was a frill of white vandyked gauze of the same form covered with black gauze which hangs in streamers down her back.

    Woman's Life in Colonial Days

  • But her manners were so punctiliously perfect, and she was such a "pretty lady" always and everywhere; moreover she had such a habit of sitting with her hands folded politely across her gentle, lace-vandyked bosom that the only sobriquet that ever clung was the one that expressed herself the most perfectly.

    Concerning Cats My Own and Some Others

  • The calyx is cut in very light green wax, it is in one piece, vandyked at the top into five points; in each point press the pin, and attach it afterwards round the neck or tube of the flower.

    The Royal Guide to Wax Flower Modelling

  • A band of plain colour framing a square piece of work will be found to be completely detached from the centre part upon each side of the square, although working in very straightforwardly at the top and base; if, instead of being a straight band, the inner edge was vandyked, the work would be well knitted together upon all sides (see fig. 169).

    Embroidery and Tapestry Weaving

  • The tube, cut at a sharp right angle with the cylindrical bowl of the pipe, is ornamented with a thin vandyked ridge, generally perforated with a row of holes, and standing up somewhat like the dorsal fin of a fish.

    Tobacco; Its History, Varieties, Culture, Manufacture and Commerce


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