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  • n. The strategy whereby an organization (usually a vanguard party) attempts to place itself at the centre of a revolutionary movement and steer it in a direction consistent with its ideology.


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  • Bakunin's "vanguardism" along with that of the Magon Brothers, has been seen by many, if not most, anarchists as an abberation - an "unanarchist" aspect of these otherwise great anarchists.

    Anarchist news dot org - News for anarchists and their friends

  • Of course, if we are talking about the real essensce of "vanguardism," focusing of

    Louis Proyect: The Unrepentant Marxist

  • Significantly, the PT defined itself as a radical leftist party but squarely rejected the Leninism and vanguardism of the Soviet Union and Cuba.

    Jeffrey W. Rubin: The Roots of Brazil's Success

  • Some on the left, including friends of mine, seem to suffer from undisguised vanguardism and want the Movement to raise the red flag right away, despite all the anarchists, libertarians and Democrats among them.

    Danny Schechter: What Is the OWS Agenda?

  • By way of a new practice of storytelling to try and demonstrate the fallacy of these oppositions, together with others such as the one between commitment and vanguardism, such would finally have been the ambitious project made possible by the idea of plagiarism—all this, it seems, without having to exceed the limits of the literary itself, with everything this notion promises or threatens to convey.


  • I wanted to hear a denunciation of vanguardism, but that wasn't explicitly forthcoming.

    Archive 2008-11-01

  • This was neither social democracy nor the Old or New Left, neither identity politics nor vanguardism.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » Liberalism’s roots:

  • "Neo-liberals" grasping desperately for the life-boat of vanguardism may find that it is the Raft of the Medusa.

    'The Unhappy Medium': An Exchange

  • And there's a phenomenon I call premature vanguardism, in which activists spending all their time in the eye of the storm come to imagine that, since they have all this media attention, they must be leading a wave of social change and that, if they decide something, it has vast import.

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  • Besides being opportunistic, centralist vanguardism tends to be highly conservative and elitist.

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