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  • n. A favorable position; vantage-ground.


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  • The difference is that Rattigan sees them from the vantage-point of a classics master, Andrew Crocker-Harris, who on the eve of his retirement learns that he was secretly known as the Himmler of the Lower Fifth and that he faces a pensionless future with his vindictive but equally lonely wife.

    South Downs/The Browning Version – review

  • From the vantage-point of the Brazilian Embassy in Tegucigalpa, he's calling for dialogue.

    Archive 2009-09-01

  • The form is that of a memory play in which a Hollywood director looks back from the vantage-point of 1936 on his early years in an east European village at the dawn of the last century.

    Travelling Light - review

  • In this cleverly composed image, we the spectators see the dancer from a vantage-point behind the double bass player, whose fist is around the scroll of his instrument.

    The Artistry of Toulouse-Lautrec and His Dancing Muse Jane Avril

  • But from our vantage-point now, what is perhaps most remarkable is that the materialist and historicizing impulse with which they are all associated arrived on the scene alongside what has turned out to be perhaps the most notable conflict of the past quarter-century.


  • The killer has selected the Benson place for a reason: it seems the president, on a whistle-stop tour, will be making an unscheduled appearance across the street from the house, an ideal vantage-point for an assassin.

    John Farr: The Best of Sinatra on Screen

  • Watching the 2010 US midterm election season open from my vantage-point far across the Pacific in China, I can barely contain my glee at the latest news from New York's 23rd congressional district as its Nov. 3 special election approaches.

    OpEdNews - Diary: Let's Make New York-23 Special Election a Big Win for Democrats

  • From almost any vantage-point within that stretch, and only considering the games during that stretch, it would be easy for an observer to declare that group of Yankees a so-so team.

    Richard Stuebi: Weather Does Not Equal Climate

  • To the contrary, the return of stock prices to their more sober norm of about 80% of GDP by the mid 1930s -- a level equivalent to the booming 1960s -- appears from this vantage-point to be a thorough success.

    Hale "Bonddad" Stewart: The Great Depression, Part IV

  • From their high vantage-point, satellites have a greatly extended view of the Earth's surface.

    Remote sensing


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