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  • n. That which is vapid, insipid, or lifeless; especially, the lifeless part of liquor or wine.

from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • n. That which is vapid, insipid, or lifeless; especially, the lifeless part of liquor or wine.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. Wine which has become vapid or dead; vapid, flat, or insipid liquor.


See vapid. (Wiktionary)


  • But running two vap services would be extremely expensive/inefficient.


  • I must have just missed the previous vap, since I waited there a good hour as the drunks, lovers and drunken lovers slowly arrived.


  • But my wealthy eye doctor pal reported that he and his wife were followed off the vap late at night and fined some enormous fine (would you believe 1000Euros!).

    The Free Vaporetto Dance

  • Then heat of vap at 212. then deltaH for raising cooling the vapor to room temp.

    Volkskrant: The Hockey Team Strikes Back « Climate Audit

  • How much heat in kJ is needed to convert 52. 6g of solid ethanol at - 117. 3*C to ethanol vapor at 78. 3*C? specific heat of ethanol is 2.46 kJ * C. heat of fus = 7.61 kJ/mol. heat of vap = 39.3 kJ/mol en EspaƱol

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  • The big one is vip (preceding v puts us in visual mode, for selection), which selects an "inner paragraph"; this means that if you're anywhere inside of a paragraph, you can type vip and have the entire thing instantly selected for you, possibly for you to run gq subsequently. vap is also equivalent, although it selects a whole paragraph and is more appropriate if you want to, say, delete it.

    Planet Haskell

  • I really think you should either choose vaporieon or glaceion, because vap can also learn ice moves.

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  • When is the long promised, repeatedly undelivered, vap ... from

  • Making a debut at Prawfs this month are Marcia McCormick (Cumberland, Employment law and fed courts); Rob Vischer (St. Thomas; law and religion / professional responsibility); and Brian Foley (vap at BU; crim and evidence law).


  • The sat vap density of water at eg 30 deg C is 30gm per cu M.



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