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  • n. A "smoker" of electronic cigarettes.


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vape +‎ -er


  • Lighting up an e-cig is simple: The "vaper" - the e-cig smoker - just presses the cartridge onto the battery and takes a puff.

    Columbia Missourian: Latest Articles

  • I expected this tropical storm to become a hurricane I observed the water vaper loop on Weather Underground site and it showed it exploding!

    Think Progress » The first hurricane warning of the year

  • Despite his protests, Kees vaan Loo-Macklin, one-time bullywot and apprentice vaper, was chosen to a second five-year term as Arbiter.

    The Man Who Used the Universe

  • "You're still nothing but a professional vaper, a killer," said Chaheel.

    The Man Who Used the Universe

  • You just take it easy with that vaper because I don't intend to cause you any trouble.

    The Man Who Used the Universe

  • At Midwest Vapefest, Harry Kholer, a vaper with a bushy goatee and chest-length gray hair, declared Friday that he hadn't smoked a tobacco cigarette since Feb. 4. Top News Headlines

  • Actually, the - Water vaper is the number one green house gas at 95% the other 5% ... - is questionable.


  • It’s my guess that in wintertime when the arctic ice expands to a maximum that the water vaper source for those high arctic stations gets farther and farther away, the longer the distance the more rayleigh effect aka raining out and also the less precipitation So that’s why the isotope ratio in winter time show extreme depletion together with only very little precipitation.

    Monsoon Moberg « Climate Audit


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