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  • v. Third-person singular simple present indicative form of vapourise.


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  • Aye, and see what vapourises; then he will see what is foul.

    Thursday Night « Gerry Canavan

  • And the platypus has survived ,evolved and flourished for millions of years, and I hope that bike vapourises sometime soon

    Evolving or Devolving? From Comebacks to CamelBaks

  • Piracy is an alternative that vapourises the nuisance.

    Are Paid Downloads Dead?

  • Water, when it boils and turns into steam or vapour, is heated by or extracts heat from the fire, but water vapourises at a high temperature and so cannot be used to produce cold.

    Stories of Inventors The Adventures of Inventors and Engineers

  • This is because the initial fire starts and burns out but the heat vapourises the stuff inside, like the carpet or furniture or plastic items (they don't burn because there is no oxygen, which has depleted), and then when you open the door or window air rushes in, now there is fuel+oxygen+heat resulting in a fireball. what's new online!

  • Such electric moments can make the poetry of distant times blaze with such heat and light that it vapourises every question of history, of form and technique. News

  • This was done using carbon dioxide snow, or dry ice, that vapourises and carries away any foreign particles.

    Space News From SpaceDaily.Com

  • A heating element then heats the foam and vapourises the liquid.

  • The relative specific heats are almost irrelevant – it’s the latent heat of water vapour which allows it to absorb and give up hundreds of times more heat than any other atmospheric gas when it vapourises and condenses, which is how water vapour “heat exchanges” in the atmosphere.

    Christopher Monckton: Apocalypse Cancelled « Climate Audit


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