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  • n. A small porpoise, Phocoena sinus, found off California

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  • n. a short porpoise that lives in the Gulf of California; an endangered species


Spanish vaquita ("little cow"), diminutive of vaca ("cow") (Wiktionary)


  • With a body less than 1.5 m long, the vaquita is the smallest living cetacean (the order Cetacea consists of whales, dolphins and porpoises).

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  • The vaquita is endemic to the north-western corner of the Gulf of California (north of 30º45'N and mainly west of 114º20'W), an area rich and diverse in marine mammals.

    Archive 2006-12-01

  • To find out where the threatened porpoise called the vaquita hangs out, scientists are about to begin underwater acoustic monitoring by dragging microphones off the back of a sailboat.

    High Tech Goes Wild

  • The vaquita, which is also the world's smallest cetacean, is emblematic of the plight of other dolphins and porpoises around the world, say campaigners.

    BBC News | News Front Page | UK Edition

  • Though protected, totoaba (above), as well as the small porpoise known as the vaquita (below), fall prey to fishing nets in the Gulf of California - just another factor stifling the recovery of both species. News

  • Acababa de subir a Bessie, mi vaquita preferida al …

    Chon y su vaca favorita Bessie/ a joke that requires translating

  • Para entonces, la curiosidad le había picado al juez quien estaba un tanto interesado en lo que Chon estaba tratando de decir, así que le dijo al licenciado: -- “Me gustaría saber que es lo que el hombre tiene que decir de Bessie, su vaquita preferida.”

    Chon y su vaca favorita Bessie/ a joke that requires translating

  • Chon agradeció al juez y continuó: -- Gracias su señoría, como estaba diciendo, acababa de subir a Bessie, mi vaquita preferida al trailer, e iba manejando por la carretera cuando este enorme camión-trailer de dieciocho ruedas ignoró la señal de ALTO y se fue a incrustar a un lado de mi camioneta.

    Chon y su vaca favorita Bessie/ a joke that requires translating

  • That could give them a better fix on where gill nets, which trap and kill vaquita, should be banned.

    High Tech Goes Wild

  • Trawling, shrimp trawling, the use of line and depth seines and harpoons, the by-catching of juvenile fish and cetaceans such as the vaquita, even the shooting of sea lions, and the overfishing of commercially important species such as the totoaba, are all contributing to the gradual degradation of this rich sea.

    Islands and Protected Areas of the Gulf of California, Mexico


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