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  • n. Plural form of vara.


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  • Sufficient space is left between these strips to accommodate sets of double (twin) maize rows with two "varas"

    Chapter 8

  • ¿Se elevará el precio del papel bond y con ello también la de los libros?! vaya si nos gusta meternos en camisas de once varas!

    Global Voices in English » Ecuador: New Taxes Will Attempt to Help Economy

  • My eyes wander up two entries, skipping over the prefixes vari- and vario- (as in variometer) to the delightful word, vara n AmerSp. fr Span., pole, fr L., forked pole, fr fem of varas bent, bow-legged (1831) : a Texas unit of length equal to 33.33 inches (84.66 centimeters).


  • These ranged from varas (30-35 inches) to statute leagues (2⅛ miles).

    Shadow of the Sentinel

  • (Central America) 1 ACRE = 4000 sq. meters = 4840 sq. yards = 43,560 sq.ft. = 0.4 hectares = 0.58 manzanas (Central America) 1 MANZANA (Central America) = 10,000 sq. varas = 7000 sq. meters

    Chapter 12

  • The plate said: “The Bull ‘Mariposa’ of the Duke of Veragua, which accepted 9 varas for 7 caballos, and caused the death of Antonio Garcia, Novillero, April 27, 1909.”

    The Short Stories

  • In order that the precise time of sowing and harvesting might be known, and that nothing might be lost, the Inca caused four poles to be set up on a high mountain to the east of Cuzco, about two _varas_ apart, on the heads of which there were holes, by which the sun entered, in the manner of a watch or astrolabe.

    History of the Incas

  • The squares are divided into lots of from 16 1/2 varas (the Spanish yard of 33 1/3 inches) front and 50 deep, to 100 varas square.

    California, 1849-1913; or, the rambling sketches and experiences of sixty-four years' residence in that state

  • Washington A. Bartlett, its first alcalde, had caused it to be surveyed and laid out into blocks and lots, which were being sold at sixteen dollars a lot of fifty vuras square; the understanding being that no single person could purchase of the alcalde more than one in-lot of fifty varas, and one out-lot of a hundred varas.

    Memoirs of the Union's Three Great Civil War Generals

  • No deseo buscarme molestias ni meterme en camisa de once varas

    Pitman's Commercial Spanish Grammar (2nd ed.)


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