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  • n. A text field of indeterminate length in a database, as opposed to the traditional fixed-length field.


From the data type name, itself from variable character. (Wiktionary)


  • Eg. href varchar (250), rel varchar (250), title varchar (250).

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  • Field Type Null Key Default Extra testin_ID int (10) unsigned NO PRI auto_increment testin_title varchar (160) NO testin_article text NO testin_author varchar (60) NO testin_permalink varchar (200) NO testin_rssfile tinyblob YES however when it comes to writing the infile what do I need to write for the auto_increment testin_ID field?


  • MODIFY poll_title varchar (255) DEFAULT '' NOT NULL COLLATE utf8_bin,

  • MODIFY reason_title varchar (255) DEFAULT '' NOT NULL COLLATE utf8_bin,

  • MODIFY rank_title varchar (255) DEFAULT '' NOT NULL COLLATE utf8_bin,

  • Inside my Database, in the table websites: id int (11) No auto_increment userid int (11) No url varchar (2083) utf8_general_ci No credits int (11) No 0 stats int (11) No 0 active tinytext utf8_general_ci No status text utf8_general_ci No title varchar (50) utf8_general_ci No

  • FUNCTION jmc_2010. ` fn_updatePerson ` (p_personId int, p_firstName varchar (45), p_lastName varchar (45), p_middleName varchar (45), p_nickname varchar (45), p_title varchar (45), p_birthDate varchar (45), p_notes varchar (45)) RETURNS tinyint (1)


  • November 11th, 2009 at 9: 47 am PST mysql create table indian_citizens (id bigint not null auto_increment primary key, name varchar (255) not null, dob datetime not null); there u go problem solved reply

    Microsoft, IBM And Yahoo Are Vying To Take Part In India’s Unique ID Project

  • CREATE TABLE posts (id int (11) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT, title varchar (255), content varchar (255), pub_date datetime, author_id int (11),

    New: All Things O'Reilly

  • Column Name Database cat_id int cat_name varchar (50) protected void GridView1_RowUpdating (object sender, GridViewUpdateEventArgs e) cat_id = int. articles


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