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  • v. Present participle of variate.


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  • SANCHEZ: That's a great point you made at the beginning with the wind variating, especially when you're out there.

    CNN Transcript Aug 21, 2007

  • I know the wildly variating themes of these mixes, week to week, is probably infuriating to some people.

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  • The organ provides a fuzzy rhythmic backdrop while the guitar noodles and the bass line, now variating between three notes, jazzes things up with a bevy of sixteenth note passing tones to fill in the blank spots.

    IGN Music

  • Then it abruptly speeds up (you can hear drive motor sound change and see speed info at Nero) and continue to burn 4x variating then up to the end between 3. 5x and 4x (normal). Forum

  • I tried also with 16x - again it start at 1x and at 1 / 5th of burning, abruptly jumps to 16x and then stabilise with variating between 15x and 16x. Forum

  • It have to be the most variating music I ever heard, the songs never stops changing their direction and the band have succeed to put more things into a 3 minute track than many prog bands do in songs exceeding for over 10 minutes.

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  • Some of us complain that there are some less "complicated" songs, but if rather simplistic, those are still rather variating and you can take some breath between the more complex songs.

    Latest reviews @, the ultimate progressive rock music website

  • This is not only a lesson in language or in translations it is about Islam and Christianity which are one religion with different applications and eventualy with variating rules.

    Window Into Palestine

  • The drums are fast, powerful, and perfectly variating.

    Headbangers Blog

  • He had often pitied doctors, who, instead of dealing with exquisitely consistent chemicals, have to work on men and women, unselected specimens of the most variable of all species, which was singularly inept at variating in the direction of beauty; and it seemed miraculous that he could turn the yeasty workings of his mind into cool, clear statements of hitherto unstated truth that would in no way betray to those that read them that their maker was lustful and hot-tempered and, about some things, melancholic.

    The Judge


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