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  • n. In experimental psychology, the device which secures uniform change of pitch in Stern's tone-variator; in the old pattern of the instrument, the mercury trough; in the new pattern, a metal cam. See tone-variator.
  • n. A device for producing desired variations, usually in power or in speed; specifically, in the practice of motor-drawn trains of vehicles on the highway, each unit of which has its own propelling motor, a device attached to the leading and guiding vehicle, by which the limits of speed in each change-gear of the following vehicles may be reduced between determined limits without a resetting of the change-gear lever on each.
  • n. A joint used in underground electrical mains to allow for the expansion or contraction of the metal with changes of temperature.


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  • In these conditions, the variator-flywheel system can assist the launch of a vehicle which has slowed down or come to a standstill, by utilising the kinetic energy stored in the flywheel.

    Formula 1 is not going hybrid « Isegoria

  • “The variator weighs less than 5kg in these applications and provides a high level of mechanical efficiency, enabling the overall mass of the mechanical KERS systems to be minimised,” says Chris Greenwood, technology director at Torotrak.

    Formula 1 is not going hybrid « Isegoria

  • The variator-flywheel solution is being developed by a partnership of two companies, Torotrak and Xtrac:

    Formula 1 is not going hybrid « Isegoria

  • Torotrak and Xtrac believe that the variator-flywheel solution provides a significantly more compact, efficient, lighter and environmentally-friendly solution than the traditional alternative of electrical-battery systems.

    Formula 1 is not going hybrid « Isegoria

  • I need a scooter though (daily commute of 50 kms. for a period of next 2-3 years); should a overhaul involving change to new Block and piston; new variator system yeild into better performance from the engine.

    Yahoo! Answers: Latest Questions

  • There's no gearbox, but a speed variator giving a smooth ride, disc brakes, and heated windscreen.

    Engineering Hardware-Software

  • Maximum torque 660 Nm (487 lb-ft) at 6000 rpm Engine position in vehicle Longitudinal central-rear Cylinder heads and engine block Aluminium Intake system Variable geometry with 3 operating modes Timing 4 valves per cylinder, 4 overhead camshafts Timing gear transmission 2 chains Continuous timing variator (int. and ex.) - Articles related to 8 good reasons to buy an American vehicle

  • They also do not have the variator which has been known to play up.


  • The combine-style belt-drive variator transmission offers no engine braking on downhill slopes.

    FWi - All News

  • Producing maximum power of 8bhp at 8000rpm and 0. 9kgm of peak torque at 5500rpm, this four-stroke, single-cylinder, air-cooled and variator-driven engine is marginally more powerful than the 102cc unit it replaces.

    The Hindu - Front Page


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