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  • n. Petroleum jelly (now sold by Unilever) under the trade name Vaseline.
  • n. Any petroleum jelly or similar lubricant.
  • n. A greenish-yellow coloured glass, or the colouring used in the manufacture of this glass.
  • v. To lubricate with vaseline.


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Coined by Robert A. Chesebrough around 1870, reputedly from the German "Wasser" (water) plus the Greek "elaion" (oil).


  • Yes | No | Report from hengst wrote 1 week 6 days ago cover it in vaseline and it will back out ...

    What is the best way to remove a tick?

  • These will take a spark and ignite very easily, and they burn brightly for several minutes as the vaseline is re-liquified and consumed (like a large candle).

    Build A Survival Fire With Condoms and Underwear

  • You're better off soaking cotton balls in vaseline and using that as tinder.

    Would putting smokeless gun powder in a water proof match container make good fire starter.

  • The threads are sterilized in vaseline and kept heavily coated with it during the suture, thus preventing the wounded tissue and the foreign material from coming into actual contact with the blood.

    Alexis Carrel - Nobel Lecture

  • You would be better off with a magnesium fire starter, and a sandwich bag full of cotton balls soaked in vaseline.

    Would putting smokeless gun powder in a water proof match container make good fire starter.

  • As for the care of tools during vacation, they should be smeared with vaseline, which is cheap, and put away out of the dampness.

    Handwork in Wood

  • Uranium salts have also been used for producing yellow "vaseline" glass and glazes.


  • It is recommended to cover over the wound with vaseline which is supposed to block the oxygen to the larvae and coax them out but this didnt work in Jacks case. Recent Updates

  • Doctors have been dishing out prescriptions for normal over-the-counter products such as vaseline, milk of magnesia and aspirin.

    British Blogs

  • [Footnote A: The words in italics are alterations in the original article made by Mr. Malcolm in a private letter to the author (H.C.K.).] 'Having by means of the knife and cautery removed every known particle of disease, the next procedure is to pack the surface of the sole and frog thus exposed with a _mild dressing, such as vaseline; but if the cankered surface has not been efficiently, scraped, than there is required a more_

    Diseases of the Horse's Foot


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