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  • n. Plural form of vasodilator.


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  • Drugs that induce blood vessels to widen, called vasodilators, are commonly used to control high blood pressure and prevent angina.

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  • Certain medications - such as vasodilators (drugs that open blood vessels), calcium channel blockers, NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs), estrogens, several chemotherapy drugs, and some diabetes drugs, such as thiazolidinediones.

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  • "vasodilators" to encourage extra blood to flow to the site of the bite and several factors that will prevent the blood clotting. Headlines

  • Conventional therapy for hypertensive crisis should be employed. 5 A rapid short-acting parenteral alpha-adrenergic blocker, such as phentolamine, or vasodilators, such as nitroprusside, are recommended.

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  • Regular, aerobic exercises not only burn fat, but also release natural chemicals such as endorphins and vasodilators that maintain healthy blood vessels.

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  • One personal trainer I interviewed admitted to taking risky vasodilators, like N.O. Xplode, which besides causing chemists to frown very disapprovingly at the blatant misuse of standard naming conventions - and anyone who remembers high school chemistry knows how serious that is, also happens to have side effects like headaches, dizziness, heart palpitations, cancer and - my personal fave - "Xplosive" diarrhea.

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  • Because these drugs don't increase survival, they are usually used when patients still have symptoms like shortness of breath despite use of vasodilators and beta blockers.


  • When diuretics, beta blockers, ACE inhibitors and ARBs don't do the job, physicians fall back on drugs like calcium blockers and vasodilators, which open up blood vessels and lower blood pressure.


  • Anyway, this page talks about treating secondary raynaud with calcium channel blockers, alpha blockers, vasodilators, etc.

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  • Both are vasodilators, as are most organic nitrates/nitrites, and smooth muscle relaxants generally.

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