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  • adj. That causes vasorelaxation
  • n. Any agent having this effect


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  • Nitric oxide is a vasorelaxant and inhibitor of platelet aggregation, and both effects are mediated by cyclic GMP.

    Louis J. Ignarro - Autobiography

  • It occurred to me that nitric oxide might account for the vascular smooth muscle relaxing action of nitroglycerin and that cyclic GMP might be the second messenger responsible for mediating the vasorelaxant effect of nitric oxide.

    Louis J. Ignarro - Autobiography

  • The cyclic GMP elevating and vasorelaxant effects of both EDRF and nitric oxide were inhibited by addition of methylene blue to organ chambers.

    Louis J. Ignarro - Autobiography

  • This vasorelaxant effect of nitric oxide was blocked by addition of hemoglobin, which promotes oxidation of nitric oxide, and methylene blue, which had been known to inhibit guanylate cyclase.

    Louis J. Ignarro - Autobiography

  • And so we knew right away that nitric oxide was probably responsible for the vasorelaxant effect of nitroglycerin and that cyclic GMP was the likely ultimate mediator of relaxation, just as Ferid Murad had predicted.

    Louis J. Ignarro - Autobiography

  • So now it was clear why nitric oxide is such a potent vasorelaxant.

    Louis J. Ignarro - Autobiography

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