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  • adj. comparative form of vast: more vast


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  • Brown revived the story of Nat Turner, as in his day Nat Turner recalled the vaster schemes of Gabriel.

    Black Rebellion Five Slave Revolts

  • When he lost that, he fell; to moral disease: disease the vaster, the vaster were his own capacities.

    Westminster Sermons with a Preface

  • The RN would in all probability loose its Tf in the south China sea or in defence of the Malay peninsula and history would perhaps repeat itself, although, the Taking of the Philippines would consume much vaster quantities of men and materials.

    Cheeseburger Gothic » A Sweet Jane alt-hist challenge!

  • Was hers a steady, enlightened opposition to superstition? or — and a subtler thought — was she mastered by some vaster, profounder superstition, a fetish-worship of which the


  • He gave her a quick, searching look, involuntary and serious, and for the moment that her eyes met his steadily, ere they fell, it seemed to him that he read something of vaster import than the claim Cyrus Johnson had failed to record.


  • In short, when all things were considered, he had to achieve an orientation far vaster than the one he had achieved at the time he came voluntarily in from the Wild and accepted Grey Beaver as his lord.

    The Love-Master

  • Sierra Vista was a far vaster affair than the tepee of Grey Beaver.

    The God's Domain

  • Bastioned upon the ocean cloud-tier was piled upon cloud-tier, spacious and lofty, until we gazed upon a Grand Canyon a myriad times vaster and more celestial than that of the Colorado.


  • Beyond his bleak sky-line there stretched vast solitudes, and beyond these still vaster solitudes.

    In a Far Country

  • Above him, falling upon him like a bolt from the blue, was a winged hawk unthinkably vaster than the one he had encountered.



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