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  • adj. Highly or widely praised or boasted about.
  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of vaunt.


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  • The same was true for most issues covered led recently by the “Katrina Hurricane” coverage that included so much mis reporting worthy of several Phd Dissertations in vaunted journalism schools.

    Ohio Congresswoman Dies - The Caucus Blog -

  • Yeah isn't the word vaunted supposed to preceed Republican Guard whenever they are mentioned?

    Latest Articles

  • The much vaunted Hunting Act 2004 (vaunted, that is, by Fascistic Bigots) has resulted in a piddling number of largely piddling prosecutions since coming into force.

    Vigilantes Receive Smart Smack On Snout

  • Carlyle, to whom Emerson had recommended him, had not so quickly dubbed his vaunted depths deceptive shallows.

    Life of Father Hecker

  • We just weren't making enough war dollars after the collapse of the "vaunted" Soviet Union.

    Obama Hits Airwaves With A National Security Ad

  • I take big time issues with the two of them (Palin and McCain) doing the "Willie Horton Thing" to Obama, as well as the ease with which the "vaunted" media just accepted the Obama/Ayers connection as it did, without putting it into proper perspective.

    Norman Horowitz: Life Among the Felons

  • It's the "vaunted" museum that, not to be confused with *The Tate Gallery* across and up the Thames, that has all the good stuff in itlike Turner's works.

    Archive 2008-10-01

  • Just watch what happens to your "vaunted" Ruble Rubble? in the coming months.

    2008 Chess Olympiad: Some Final Thoughts

  • Sadly, as usual, it's impossible to have any understanding of what's going on or why through the US corporate media, so-called US National Public Radio and TV that have sunk as low as Fox News in their corrupted one-sidedness, and the "vaunted" and "venerable" BBC that's about as bad.

    The Crime of Lebanon and Palestine - Are Iran and Syria Next?

  • Pierre Garcon simply shredded the Jets 'vaunted' D '

    NY Daily News


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