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  • n. Plural form of vavasor.


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  • "The Lorings were indeed vavasors to the King," said he; "but here is the very seal of Eustace Loring which shows that he made himself vassal to the Abbey and held his land from it."

    Sir Nigel

  • The lowest order of feuds were such, as being conferred by those of the second order upon private men, whether noble not noble, obliged them in the like duty to their superiors; the were called vavasors.

    The Commonwealth of Oceana

  • Besides these in particular, both the earls and King's thanes, together with the bishops, abbots, and vavasors, or middle thanes, had in the high court or parliament in the kingdom a more public jurisdiction, consisting first of deliberative power for advising upon and assenting to new laws; secondly, giving counsel in matters of state and thirdly, of judicature upon suits and complaints.

    The Commonwealth of Oceana

  • The causes of vavasors or vavasories appertained to the cognizance of this court, where wills were proved, judgment and execution given, cases criminal and civil determined.

    The Commonwealth of Oceana

  • The vavasors are spoken of with respect in the old French romances, as being of honourable character, though not of high birth.] [Footnote 18: The numerous references to the story of King Mark,

    Four Arthurian Romances


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