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  • n. the action of vectorizing


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vectorize +‎ -ation


  • Product potentiality and placement vectorization - identified?

    Drug Tests and Bell Checks: The Element of Surprise

  • There are only minimal differences in shape between the two, Fairey's image is rotated 8.5º from the original, it is minimally scaled, and vectorization and posterization have removed or distorted a few features.

    Shepard Fairey sues AP before it sues him.

  • The vectorization speeds solutions substantially on vector machines and, because it minimizes array references, it also speeds solutions on scalar machines relative to a nonvectorized code.

    Climate Models – the Next Generation « Climate Audit

  • This “vectorization” of the code around the grid cell dimension speeds solutions on scalar and vector processors and parallel machines.

    Climate Models – the Next Generation « Climate Audit

  • State-of-the-art compiler technologies found in PVF include vectorization, parallelization, interprocedural analysis, memory heirarchy optimization, function inlining (including library functions), CPU-specific optimizations and more.

    AvaxHome RSS:

  • For instance in my examples below, I used the Simple Trace preset for the black and white drawing effect, the Color 6 preset for the simplified color drawing effect, and the Photo High Fidelity preset to achieve a photorealistic vectorization effect.


  • • You have experience optimizing by vectorization and using vector intrinsics

    Gamasutra Feature Articles

  • · Implementation of 2D geometry primitives, vectorization and segmentation

    Softpedia - Windows - All

  • In Part 2, I cover threading and vectorization and cache optimizations in Part 3.

    Dr.Dobb's - All Articles

  • It includes the compiler's breadth of advanced optimization, multithreading, and processor support, as well as automatic processor dispatch, vectorization, and loop unrolling.



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