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  • v. Present participle of vectorize.


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  • The Berkeley Cray has highly optimizing and vectorizing FORTRAN,

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  • Implementation In addition to jump functions that map from con - We have implemented essentially the full symbolic stants available upon procedure entry to values avail - constant propagation system using both side effect and able at call sites, return jump functions are also con - returned constant information in the Rice vectorizing structed.

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  • Nokia uses what's called a hybrid vectorizing mapping method, which allows users to zoom in and out of the map without downloading the same map multiple times.

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  • When compiling by yourself, you easely can enable vectorizing with SSE3 as an additional boost-option. Content

  • I like to spend time on vectorizing ... vectors are a nice way to spend 30 free minutes of your time

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  • On the other hand, howtos, like the one on vectorizing images in Inkscape, still get around 50 visitors a day, and I would be disappointed if someone turned away from the page because it was splattered with ads.

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  • After making a raster bitonal, and when using polyline follower the program removes the raster underneath the vectorized line (rub removal method), when I finished vectorizing, the program said that it couldn't save the modified bitonal image, and stored it as a temporary file.

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  • • Support for the ARM Cortex-A9 processor with NEONTM vectorizing compiler

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  • From my point of view, the ideal software layer is just to have a vectorizing C++ compiler for every architecture.

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  • And then use what NVIDIA calls "pixel pipelines" and Intel calls "vector registers" by means of a vectorizing compiler that takes loops, unrolls them, and runs it on the wide vector units. what's new online!


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