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  • n. A special oscilloscope that displays an X-Y plot of two signals so as to indicate their relationship.


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vector +‎ -scope


  • · This vectorscope is overlaid directly on top of the video, so you can see how adjustments in lighting and the camera controls affect the brightness and saturation of the colors.

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  • A vectorscope will help perfectly light a chroma key backdrop.

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  • G Series monitors feature a built-in waveform monitor with over-level function, vectorscope with selectable size and position, advanced audio level meter, and LTC/VITC time code support.

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  • Record directly to disk and maximize camera image quality using software-based waveform and vectorscope tools to quickly calibrate your camera, check levels, and monitor your signal; organize shots using metadata logged during the shoot

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  • * Output vectorscope and waveform-monitor in real time

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  • The frame supports the Harris® CCS Navigator ™ control and monitoring application, as well as Harris Q-SEE ™ enhanced monitoring technology, including thumbnails, customizable alarms, waveform and vectorscope monitoring, and MPEG-4 streaming.

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  • OnLocation not only lets your laptop serve as a field monitor, but also as a portable waveform monitor and vectorscope, instruments used to accurately measure video luminance and chrominance levels.


  • Depending on the chosen model both the levels of up to eight channels and 5-channel vectorscope / goniometer data are clearly shown on the displays.

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  • "Your vectorscope and waveform do not reflect the video images you posted -- only the color bars." Forum

  • But you need software that can operate in the YCrCb space and, preferably, has a vectorscope. avisynth and coloryuv? e.g. off_u and off_v? Forum


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