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  • One could probably extract just such a conception from the works of Abhivanagupta, who speaks of the Shaiva Kaula dharma as "transcending and including" all other traditions, including classical advaita vedanta, just as the elephant's footprint obliterates the tracks of all other animals.

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  • Upanishads - the revealed scriptures of the Vedas containing the essence of the philosophy of vedanta

    The Sivananda Companion To Meditation

  • The philisophy of vedanta is based on the teachings of the Upanishads, which form the concluding section of the Vedas, the most ancient scriptural texts of India.

    The Sivananda Companion To Meditation

  • Sri Sankaracharya, who lived around 1,200 years ago, is the main exponent of the philosophy of vedanta.

    The Sivananda Companion To Meditation

  • The philosophy of vedanta states that our true nature is infinite consciousness, the cosmic Self, which is one and the same in all beings.

    The Sivananda Companion To Meditation

  • This was the feature of the vedanta system of Hindu philosophy, which holds that nothing exists but Brahma.

    The Doctrines of Predestination, Reprobation, and Election

  • They are in danger of losing their land to the mining company vedanta. - Articles related to Water Fight!

  • Swami Parthasarathy talks about STRESS and how Vedanta gets to the source of the problem.www. - Business News

  • When I have doubted the natural world is all there is, in some sense or other, I ahave been drawn to non-theistic approaches such as theravada buddhism, zen, Taoism and advaita vedanta: none of which appealed in the end but all were clearly far superior to the childish, naive, negative and meaninglessness presented by theism.

    No Double Standards

  • Hindu philosophy says the the various paths viz-vedanta, nyaya, mimamsa, sankhya, vaisesika, and yoga Should I drink Camel Urine as a Muslim?

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