from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • adj. Of or pertaining to the Vedas.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • Relating to the Vedanta.


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  • By way of an introduction, I asked the Maharshi whether he upheld the vedantic views on creation that were promulgated by Adi-Sankaracharya.

    Ramana Maharshi on Sri Aurobindo

  • I hold the vedantic scholarship of Aurobindo and others with the utmost respect and revere their scholarship with the highest regard.

    Etymology of Indian word-roots

  • Success in vedantic meditation requires the help of a highly evolved teacher who will guide you away from the tendency to intellectual pride or a feeling of dryness and sterility if the practice is carried out incorrectly.

    The Sivananda Companion To Meditation

  • Neti-neti, meaning “not this, not this,” is the method of vedantic analysis by negation.

    The Sivananda Companion To Meditation

  • In the practice of vedantic meditation one does not only sit for meditation at a specific time, but applies the meditative process throughout the day.

    The Sivananda Companion To Meditation

  • Needless to say the techniques of vedantic meditation are highly advanced and require a thorough preparation of the mind, made pure, selfless, and focused through the practice of selfless service, asanas and pranayama, and the devotional method of meditation.

    The Sivananda Companion To Meditation

  • Removal of this identification with the form is the very core of vedantic meditation regardless of the method used.

    The Sivananda Companion To Meditation

  • There are various vedantic meditation methods for realizing our true identity.

    The Sivananda Companion To Meditation

  • Christian, he never quotes as scriptural authority the more recent writings of their faith — the Tantras and Puranas, which are the storehouse of legend and myth, of myriad rites and customs and are the refuge and joy of the orthodox and conservative pandits; — he discards these and falls back upon the most ancient writings, which are the exponents of nature worship and of vedantic philosophy.

    India's Problem, Krishna or Christ


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