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  • n. Plural form of veery.


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  • On one occasion, while the writer and a companion were resting from a long ramble, the air was suddenly suffused with the songs of veeries.

    Bird Day; How to prepare for it

  • Since this time we have frequently found the veeries; in fact one locality is known to us as Veeryville.

    Bird Day; How to prepare for it

  • On every side the robins shouted their joy from the treetops, the bob-o'-links tinkled their fairy bells as they wheeled above the clover-fields; and from the dainty line of white-stemmed birches that guarded the stream came the mingled even-song of the frogs and the veeries.

    'Lizbeth of the Dale

  • The veeries were ringing their bells in the tree tops and a cat bird was fairly spilling out music of a dozen delightful varieties from a hidden corner behind a basswood bush.

    In Orchard Glen

  • Curved-bill wood-hewers, birds the size and somewhat the coloration of veeries, but with long, slender sickle-bills, were common in the little garden back of the house; their habits were those of creepers, and they scrambled with agility up, along, and under the trunks and branches, and along the posts and rails of the fence, thrusting the bill into crevices for insects.

    III. A Jaguar-Hunt on the Taquary

  • The veeries -- Wilson's thrushes -- greeted me before I stepped off the piazza.

    The Foot-path Way

  • The pair of veeries in the maple bushes were never reconciled to our visits.

    Little Brothers of the Air

  • Young veeries and bobolinks, song sparrows and warblers, who build low, apparently take leave of the nursery as soon they can stand up.

    Little Brothers of the Air

  • They soon came, together, with food in their mouths; but their eager, happy manner vanished at sight of me, and they abandoned themselves to utter despair, after the manner of veeries.

    Little Brothers of the Air

  • In such a secure place, among scattered old apple-trees, a pair of veeries had set up their household, surrounded and protected from every enemy who does not wear wings.

    Little Brothers of the Air


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