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  • n. Alternative spelling of veggie burger.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

veggie +‎ burger


  • Pine needles falling on an empty lawn chair, as you watch mournfully from the window. veggieburger

    The Last McCain Campaign Rally - Swampland -

  • These include yeast extracts, Vecon vegetable stock, veggieburger mixes, textured vegetable protein, soya milks, vegetable and sunflower margarines, and breakfast cereals.

    Folic Acid can mask B12 deficiency

  • Using the -burger combining form, we come up with cheeseburger and now veggieburger, with a score of variations in between.

    No Uncertain Terms

  • Qwilleran ordered soup and a veggieburger, and while she was preparing it, he said, "There are conflicting reports on what happened at Tiptop on that day."

    The Cat Who Moved A Mountain

  • "If you miss fish or meat, take out a veggieburger and whiz on it."


  • Well you´re a little veggieburger, I bet you have tons of fun among the carrots and celery. | news

  • So Parker shouted and alerted a veggieburger vendor, who ran to the bench and fetched Ronald Manley, the Lasers’ team doctor.

    Foul Lines


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