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  • n. Plural form of velociraptor.


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  • movies will recall that the velociraptors were the fastest, most lethal killing machines in all of dinosaur-land.

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  • However, if Spielberg approaches the next Jurassic Park in the same way Cameron approached Avatar, just picturing the forests of Isla Nublar whipping by as our hero runs from a pack of velociraptors-teeth gnashing and claws slashing-sends shivers racing down the spine.

    Hollywood to Continue Sending 3D at You –

  • Aside from the hordes of velociraptors and the hungry T-Rex just dying to take a chomp out of you, I mean.

    10 Islands You Don’t Want To Visit | Fandomania

  • I look over at my daughter again, imagining her, in this brave new world where societies expectations about science are fulfilled, designing a diorama about evolution for science class, with Adam and Eve staring down a tyrex and a pack of velociraptors.

    Jon Entine: With the European Union and a Slew of New Studies Reaffirming the Safety of BPA, At What Point Will the Science Prevail?

  • I have been watching a lot of the old B&W movies they are running on tv this weekend, but I also watched some dinosaur programs yesterday, and I am still giggling over the description of velociraptors as "big angry chickens" which lead to a thread with a friend about a dino chicken farm operation.

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  • May. 30th, 2010 08: 18 pm (UTC) velociraptors as "big angry chickens"

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  • It is probably enough gun for velociraptors, but way too small for brachiosaurus or T Rex hunting, even with slugs.

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  • Even as recently as Jurassic Park, the dinosaurs are the major threat to the humans, with the velociraptors in particular being singled out as cruel hunters.

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  • I knew there was a good flashlight in the toolkit of my Honda: the issue was how to get to the car without being run down by velociraptors.

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  • You could lock Bill Belichick in a closet with a paper clip and velociraptors, and he'd come back 15 minutes later with 80 pounds of veloci-steaks and six draft picks from the Raiders.

    Are the Patriots Really Doomed?


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