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  • n. Plural form of velocity.


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  • Exp. VI; A ball fhot with velocities as 1,2, 3, &c. is found tcr form cavities in wood, clay, &c. whofe depths are as i, 4, 9, &c; or as the fquares of the velocities*

    A System of Mechanics: Being the Substance of Lectures Upon that Branch of ...

  • The muzzle velocities from the Model 70 were about 45-50 fps less than those of the 24 Remington 700 in .257 Roberts (which made sense to me, given the shorter barrel), but were still about 50-55 fps faster than Hodgon's published loads for 100-grain and 115-grain bullets.

    Do Chronographs Lie?

  • Thanks to those posters who have expressed concern about the aerodynamic interactions of the LAS and the ET at certain velocities, thus pushing Orion into the ET in an abort.

    Downplaying Internal Doubts About Ares - NASA Watch

  • Some decades ago it became apparent to me that a properly constructed bullet which is somewhat heavy for caliber propelled at extra fast velocities from a long barreled magnum will kill critters dramatically at rather extended ranges if the shooter practices a lot on a constant basis.

    A Sorrowful Tale of High Velocity

  • Slinging smaller caliber and lighter bullets at far higher velocities is extending the range of the slug gun and a 300 or so grain bullet with an MV of over 2000 fps makes the gun capable of a killing shot at much further distances than the traditional slug/smoothbore was ever possible of making.

    The Gun Nut Survey: A highly biased, unofficial poll of 2,000 readers on all things shooting

  • I am curious about 180 gr performance at .308 Win velocities.


  • This is actually the max load in Nosler's manual but the recoil is quite manageable (though after running it over my chronograph the velocities are about 250fps slower).

    How Much Kick Can You Take?

  • Somewhat as follows: That a particle cannot at the same time have two velocities, that is, that at the same time it cannot be in two places, that is, that particles in different places at the same time cannot be identical.

    Wittgenstein's Logical Atomism

  • The airplanes fly at hypersonic velocities, which is fine at high altitudes.

    Hollywood Vs. Reality | Impact Lab

  • Beyond this point the velocities will be a fraction of one.

    American Chronicle


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