from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. The pile of velvet; also, a pile or nap like that of velvet.
  • n. A material other than velvet, so called from its having a long soft nap, as a carpet.


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  • The thick, soft Martian grass along each side of the canal was like a velvet-pile carpet to walk upon; the sunlight filtering between the green leaves of the trees cast bright flecks of light on the clear shimmering water which ran beneath them; whilst water-fowl swimming here and there gave a bright touch of colour and the animation of life which so adds to the general charm of such scenery.

    To Mars via The Moon An Astronomical Story

  • Both landing and steps were carpeted with thick velvet-pile carpet, so that no jarring footfall was ever heard upon them.

    Vera Nevill Or, Poor Wisdom's Chance

  • And under the table, on a soft deep carpet of velvet-pile he stuck his heels into the ground and felt very determined.

    King John of Jingalo The Story of a Monarch in Difficulties

  • When Ivan Ogareff appeared, the great dignitaries remained seated on their gold-embroidered cushions; but Feofar rose from a rich divan which occupied the back part of the tent, the ground being hidden under the thick velvet-pile of a Bokharian carpet.

    Michael Strogoff : or the Courier of the Czar

  • A velvet surface of golden light, velvet-pile of gold and pale luminosity, and strange beautiful elevations of houses and trees, and depressions of fields and roads, all golden and floating like atmospheric majolica.

    The Lost Girl

  • 'You've made yourself uncommonly comfortable here,' he said appreciatively, as he settled down again in his velvet-pile chair.

    The Giant's Robe

  • He had entered quite noiselessly -- his footsteps making no sound on the thick velvet-pile carpet, and he stood quite close to Lorimer, who dropped Thelma's hands hastily and darted a suspicious glance at the intruder.


  • Here is the bazaar in which are accumulated enormous quantities of woollen stuffs, velvet-pile carpets in the brightest of colors, shawls of graceful patterns, all thrown anyhow on the counters of the shops.

    The Adventures of a Special Correspondent

  • His five-and-forty by thirty feet of velvet-pile might have been a patch of yellow sand in the great Sahara for any pleasure he derived from its occupation.

    Aurora Floyd. A Novel

  • He might have lured literary and artistic celebrities to his lonely hearth-rug, and paraded the lions of the London season upon his velvet-pile.

    Aurora Floyd. A Novel


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