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  • n. Plural form of venefice.


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  • This is our indirect introduction to Sarkovy and its "venefices" a real word, incidentally, the master poisoners who dominate the first part of the novel.

    :Acquired Taste

  • The surface lacks physiographical contrast; the characteristic features of the landscape are the steppes: Hopman Steppe, Gorobundur Steppe, the Great Black Steppe, and others…From the abundant flora the notorious Sarkoy venefices leach and distill the poisons for which they are famous.

    :Acquired Taste

  • You life will be missing something if you do not drink rose wine with Navarth, the Mad Poet, or listen in horror as the Sarkoy venefices explain the intricacies of their art to you, or discover why the henchmen of Howard Alan Treesong are more fearsome when dressed in white.

    My Favorite Type Of Science Fiction: Space Opera

  • A conversation with Gévingey would considerably amplify my contributions to the study of Satanism, especially as regards venefices and succubacy.


  • He continues, I believe, to cure venefices, and he preaches the blessed coming of the Paraclete. "


  • "That is as much as to say that their venefices -- supposing they know how to prepare them well enough to accomplish their purpose, though I doubt that -- are easy to defeat.


  • "More deadly than the forgotten venefices of the days of the Avignon papacy, the terrible preparations served in this place were slowly poisoning its customers.



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